Join sheEV Car Club: Let’s drive the Future, Together!

Elevate Your Electric Vehicle Experience

Hey, trailblazers! At sheEV, we believe in more than just driving — we believe in driving change. Introducing the sheEV Car Club, the first-ever electric vehicle car club exclusively for women. Are you ready to embark on an electrifying journey with us?

Why Join sheEV Car Club?

A Sisterhood on Wheels

Exclusive Events and Adventures

As a sheEV Car Club member, you’ll have VIP access to exclusive events and adventures. From scenic road trips to electric vehicle expos, we curate super-charged experiences. Join us for a ride filled with excitement, learning, and the thrill of being part of a pioneering community.

Empowerment Behind the Wheel

Break free from stereotypes and take control of the driver’s seat. The sheEV Car Club is a space where empowerment and electric vehicles collide. Gain confidence, learn from experts, and celebrate the joys of driving an EV

Our Knowledge Hub

Whether or not electric vehicle ownership might be new territory, the sheEV Car Club is a knowledge hub where you can expand your understanding of EV technology, charging infrastructure, and sustainable mobility practices. Be in the driver’s seat of your electric journey, both literally and figuratively.

How to Join

Buckle up, because joining the sheEV Car Club is as easy as putting your car in drive:

  1. Membership Sign-Up: Fill out this quick and easy membership form. We want to get to know you and where you’re going!
  2. Join our Private Facebook Group: Head to and sign up to be a member of the group. After a few questions your request to join will be reviewed and approved.
  3. Get Ready to Roll: Once you’re a member, get ready for a world of exciting opportunities, events, and connections.

Drive with Purpose, Drive with sheEV Car Club

Being part of the sheEV Car Club means you’re part of a movement reshaping the automotive landscape. Whether you’re a seasoned EV driver or just getting started, you have the key to unlocking a community of support, adventure, and empowerment.

Ready to hit the road? Join here.